We are Software Developers and System Analists


Since 1992, our company has been engaged in the automation of business processes.
During this time, we have done a long way from mainframes to cloud technologies and can be proud that regardless of the size of our customers, we have always tried to find the most optimal solution for their business requirements.

In addition to developing new Internet sites or software products, we provide full support to our customers. The very fact that some of our products, for example, TravelBus, have been working for more than 10 years, speaks for itself of the reliability of development and the ability to predict future business needs even at the beginning of development.
In addition to the immediate implementation of business processes, we always offer several solutions and a breakdown of the development of information projects by stages in order to maximize the use of software products in the shortest possible time.
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Our Services

We can offer you a wide range of services:

  1. Web Development for Small Business

    Today it is impossible to imagine a small business without personal site or online shop.
    As a rule, in the first stages it is enough simply to adapt existing engines, such as WordPress, PrestaShop, etc., not to resort to costly projects.
    In addition to fix configuration of such sites, we are ready to assist in the promotion of the site in the search engines and the daily support for the sites.

  2. Web Development for Medium Business

    As a rule, medium-sized businesses prefer to work on platforms that are completely specialized for their business rules.
    We develop front-end and backend for companies on platforms:

    • PHP, JS, SOAP
    • Python + TypeScript, REACT
    • MVC
    • Uniface
    • ADF

    in Travelling IT, Tourism IT, Building IT, HealthCare IT, Education IT etc.

  3. Web Portals

    We have extensive experience in developing various types of Web portals for large organizations, such as the Ministry of Education on a platform SharePoint and Office 365.

    • B2C Customer Portal
    • B2B Customer Portal
    • Community Portal
    • Learning Portal
  4. Outsourcing

    We are pleased to offer our professional outsourcing services in the following areas:
    Backend and desktop: Microsoft .NET, MVC, Python, PHP, TypeScript, Node.js

    Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

    Mobile: iOS, Android, Xamarin

    Databases and data warehouses: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis, Apache CouchDB, PostgreSQL)

  5. Software Migration and Upgrade

    Along with the development of the company and information technologies, the question inevitably arises as to the changes in business laws and the functionality of existing software products.
    Sometimes it is very difficult to make the right decision – to develop a new product or develop an existing one.
    The main advantage of migration is the preservation of existing operational data and clients.
    We know how to make the migration process transparent and does not affect the performance of the company with the preservation of all data

    Examples of migration:

    • Uniface 7, 8, 9 to MVC, ADF
    • PHP to Python + TypeScript
    • COBOL to MVC, ADF
  6. IT Consulting

    Software consulting services help you focus on what you really need and align technology, operational and financial objectives.


We are ready to find the most optimal solution for you in any field of business. To date, we have a successful experience in implementing software products in a wide range of industries.

  1. Travelling IT

    We grew out of this field of activity and know all the rules of business. Therefore, our software are using in several tourist firms in Israel and include themselves the entire spectrum – from the client-server products to customized sites and web portals.

    Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular, PHP, Uniface 7, Uniface 8, Uniface 9

    Frameworks: Symphony 2, Uniface 7, Uniface 8, Uniface 9, WordPress, PrestaShop

    Mobile: iOS, Android

    Databases and data warehouses: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL

  2. Educational IT

    Since 2001, we have been participating in various teams in developing programs for the Ministry of Education of Israel.
    2001-2008 – MANBAS – School Management System for Schools

    Frontend: UNIFACE 7, VB6

    Databases: Microsoft SQL Server

    2013 – KSAFIM 2000 – the financial system for accounting in schools

    Frontend: UNIFACE 7, VB6, ASP.NET

    Databases: Microsoft SQL Server

    from 2016 to the present day – development of web portals of the Ministry of Education for municipalities information of teachers

    Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular

    Frameworks: SharePoint

    Mobile: iOS, Android, Xamarin

    Databases and data warehouses: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle

  3. Building IT

    Construction and building companies are our favorite customers in Web Development.
    Some of our specialists started in this business and we very well present business rules and necessary services.

    Usually our clients need common sites and online shops.

    Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, NodeJs

    Frameworks: WordPress, PrestaShop

    Mobile: iOS, Android

    Databases and data warehouses: MySQL

  4. Healthcare IT

    We have extensive experience in working with healthcare companies of different scales – from freelancers to medical clinics .
    In accordance with the size of customers and their tasks, applications are developed on different platforms.

    Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Uniface 7, PHP, NodeJs

    Frameworks: Uniface 7, WordPress

    Mobile: iOS, Android

    Databases and data warehouses: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL